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Nas Man Power Solution

Nass Company for Recruitment is one of the leading companies in the labor services sector in the Kingdom, headquartered in the capital Riyadh. The company was established under the Minister of Commerce's decision in June 2013 with a capital of 100000000 Saudi Riyals Providing labor services in the market.

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Buraidah, King Abdul Aziz Road


King Fahd Road


Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz Road

Khamis Mushait

Saladin Road

No Housing workers

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Nas Ethics


We seek to provide honest information to the customer, because we want to build a long-term relationship with our customers based on solid foundations of honesty, integrity and self-esteem.


We have committed ourselves to giving everyone his right. We built our company on solid foundations of honesty, integrity and respect of covenants and covenants which in turn maintains our relationship with our customers.


We know very well the importance of time, it is a resource that never compensates. It is the key factor in the success or failure of companies so the time factor is very important in our business.

Respect for the community

We adhere to the customs and traditions of our society and work to help the community by practicing activities that will improve the standard of living of its members.
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